Magic and Miracles

You Are The Magic And The Miracle

There are two definitions of magic that we care to discuss. Magic is the ability to make changes in consciousness via the facilities of one's will (i.e., attention, desire, or concentration of focus.) Illusionist magic is the performance of tricks of illusion and sleight of hand; illusionist magic is the use of things that seem to be creating a change but are not really doing so.

Any configuration of stimuli that generates love or disciplined and purified emotion is a magical tool but not the actual healer, protector, etc. This magical tool inspires love within one's mind complex that allows one to heal the self. It is always well to remember, that regardless of the circumstance, love is always the one answer.

The amount of confusion that can arise from the illusionist magic of use of certain stimuli can be astounding. This is because many believe that the stimuli itself is healing, protecting, or causing a change in consciousness. When actually, the only thing causing a change in consciousness is a change in one's perception.

All consciousness is your consciousness because you are All-That-Is. Everything exists as consciousness; making you the observer and the thing observed. Therefore, nothing is really healing you but the energy of love that you actually are. The deceiving belief that something outside and separate from you is creating a change in consciousness is illusionist magic.

Another understanding of illusionist magic is that belief that when something is finally obtained it will generate peace and/or healing within the self. However, nothing obtained can bring peace or healing. Inner-peace is restored when perception is corrected, and healing is the result of a changed perception that represents a peaceful or natural state of being.

From our limited perspective, a miracle is that which unconsciously happens as a result of habitual loving thoughts. While magic is that which consciously happens by the conscious use of one's will for it to happen. Both of these changes in consciousness come from a change in thought; either via the miracle or unconsciously, or via magic or consciously.

An example of a miracle is being in the hospital on your deathbed one night with hours left to live, and then suddenly healing and walking out of the hospital; leaving the doctors stunned as to how you were healed. An example of magic is using a magical tool such as burning sage so that you can clear negative energies in the room and more easily feel the presence of love.

From our limited perspective, a universal labeling of consciousness and changes within it is impossible. Miracle or magic, there really is no difference. All power flows through you from your truest self (i.e., The Infinite Creator) as the creative, healing, and extremely peaceful energy called love; all tools only allow you to tap into this source energy called love.

Miracles do not abide by the limitations of the physical way/laws. Miracles are just occurrences that completely negate any limitation that may be needed to negate due to their need to accomplish whatever is needed. Magic is that which is used to do paranormal activities. Both are expressions of love which becomes the key for the gateway into intelligent infinity.