Accepting All-That-Is

Lovearianism is a philosophy that teaches that all of life is an expression of one infinite source of energy also known as love or logos. Love is the naturally unified energy/vibration of creation that also exists as a result of the original focus of Infinite Intelligence (i.e., The Infinite Creator); this original focus of consciousness is representative of the natural states of being called joy and peace.

The natural vibration of intelligent energy is love, and that love is who and what we are. Our physical instrument or bodies translate this pure vibration of love into the feelings we have labeled as excitement, joy, passion, peace, etc. To actually be in these states of joy, passion, peace, etc., we must be focused upon loving thoughts in that moment.

Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world, and the Lovearian Philosophy is about thinking loving thoughts pertaining to yourself and the world. We becomes adept in practicing the Lovearian Philosophy (i.e., Lovearianism,) when we become adept at practicing loving thoughts, and, as a result, remaining in a loving state of being.