Lovearian Philosophy

The Definition For Lovearianism

Lovearianism is a philosophy that teaches that all of life is an expression of one infinite source of energy also known as love or logos. Love is the naturally pure vibrational energy of creation that also exists as the original focus of Infinite Intelligence (i.e., The Infinite Creator); this original focus of consciousness is representative the natural states of being called joy and peace.

Our Perspective On Love(s)

To distort is to twist or alter something out of its true, natural, or original state. Perfect Oneness is undifferentiated. Perfect Oneness is Unity. Unity is Infinity, and Infinity itself is Intelligent, or, Intelligence itself. You are only Perfect Oneness, and anything that is not this Perfect Oneness is a distortion, or an illusion, of what you actually are.

The first distortion of Infinity is that which could be known as the freedom of will. This distortion of freedom of will, or, free will, can create the confusion of Infinity having different wills other than just one will. The second distortion, or, the original focus of consciousness is called, by us, love. The third distortion is called, by us, light/love.

Love, as the second distortion of Infinity, is the potential of Infinite Intelligence turned into the kinetic of Infinite Intelligence (i.e., intelligent energy.) This love acts an energy of an extremely high order that causes its beingness of intelligent energy to be formed in an infinite amount of ways so that the infinite potential infinite intelligence can be made manifest.

Within the wholeness of love, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations. Therefore, within the wholeness of light, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations. Light is information. Sound is an expression of light, and within the wholeness of sound, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations.

To the greater degree of alignment with the purer and purer vibrational energy of love, is to the greater and greater intensity one may feel peace and joy. This is what being in love can actually mean. Being in love is being in love, or being the love, of The Infinite Creator; this love is the peaceful and joyous power that birthed All-That-Is into its illusion of existence.

There are other forms of love such as love defined as total acceptance of All-That-Is, as it is. Additionally, there is the activity of love as the giving without any need for anything in return. So you have, therefore, love as the purest form of intelligent energy, love as the mindful attitude of total acceptance, and love as the giving without the need for anything in return.