The Unseen Energy of A Charger

Written by Joshua Aira Sabalie On 11/1/2020
A couple of days ago, at the Charlotte North Carolina Airport, I was sitting down with quite the desire to return home to my family here in Tampa Florida where we are currently living. While sitting down, waiting for my next flight, I noticed a wireless charging station for my phone. My curiosity was ignited!

With excitement, due to me not using one of these devices before, I wiped out my phone and gently placed it upon the wireless charging station to charge it. With amazement, I praised the technology while thinking to myself: How in the world does this work? How is this device charging my phone with no wire to wire connection?

Of course, I went to Google for the answer to my question; believing that they would give some bit of truth about the unseen world of electromagnetic energy. And, of course, I was correct about it being some form transferring energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction.

Here it was, this one device, proving all of the things I speak about pertaining to the power of the mind, and the unseen energies of the universe. I was not only feeling happy, but stronger in my beliefs. All I could think now, with the perception that I have developed over the years, that if anyone was truly paying attention, this device PROVES spirituality.

If you think about the idea that our thoughts are electromagnetic, our bodies are electrical (electromagnetic), and that we live in a pool of electromagnetic energy fields, you will understand the power of your mind-complex and the power of thought.

Just as my phone was sitting there, on standby, with a blank black screen, seeming to do nothing, it was bit by bit, charging up so that it could do all the wonderful things that it does for me. Once again, just think about this device, seeming to do absolutely nothing, but doing everything with "invisible" energies being transferred to it.

You are emitting and receiving electromagnetic energy, and your state of being is what determines what you will emit and receive. Understanding vibration, energy, electromagnetic energy, etc. will help one better understand how things like telepathy, synchronicity, law of attraction, miraculous healings, telekinesis, etc. are all very real.