Political Change Isn't Change

Written by Joshua Aira Sabalie On 11/7/2020
To those who may be feeling a bit of joy with the new president that we are now said to have, I am thankful you feel a sense of relief. And if this change was able to sustain a feeling of contentment in you, it would surely bring a change to the world since the world is the out-picturing of your thoughts expressed as your feelings.

To those who aren't feeling so well, I sympathize. Regardless of who is the president, if the unhappy can not restore happiness then their problems are not solved. Anyone can be given all of their physical desires, but mental illness is still always the only problem. Political changes is the work of master illusionist magicians; the magic trick is still that nothing has been solved.

One part fixed in a car that needs multiple parts fixed in order for it to function properly again is what we are dealing with; all parts need to be fixed otherwise the car is still useless. You can rest assure that nothing is solved when your feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and possibly a desire for a change in the world resurfaces if it hasn't already.

Anyone that is experiencing the idea of negative emotion is suffering and suffering from mental illness. Regardless of physical changes, if you are suffering from mental illness, you will always feel that there is a problem even if there is no problem. The idea is the illusion of there being a problem is the actual problem to mentally overcome.

So, if you are feeling happy with today's results, wonderful, if not, you can change your mindset and feel so. However, do remember, that regardless of what is happening, you still have mental work to do for the restoration of love as the key for tapping into the gateway intelligent infinity; this is done by overlooking your perceptual errors (i.e., forgiveness).