A.K.A. Universal Love

The aware or conscious principle that focuses infinity into intelligent energy is The Infinite Creator (i.e., Infinite Intelligence.) You are "The One" that became aware of itself as being aware and then focused its infinity into intelligent energy (i.e., love.) In other words, you are the consciousness that created the love that birthed all things into existence.

The entire world that you perceive is made up of different vibrations that exist as different vibrational distortions of intelligent energy. The perception of anything happens by way of being thoroughly identified with the vibration(s) of that thing. Consciousness can only consciously perceive the vibration(s) that are active within it.

The world that you perceive in this moment is but one of many infinite amount of vibrational experiences that exist simultaneously within the consciousness of your being. Everything that you perceive exist within your consciousness of your being. Your body and your world exist within you; all things exist within your consciousness.

Consciousness works by way of making symbols that are expressive of the vibrations/thoughts that you focus on with a certain amount of intensity; these thoughts then become the thoughts that are most active within your consciousness.

Since the world that you think you are in is actually within your consciousness, then whatever thoughts/vibrations that are most active within your consciousness will be brought into your perception in some form.

You are, in a sense, swimming in a bowl of vibrations/thoughts. Everything you are conscious of is you because you are the observer and the thing observed. The things that you perceive in your world are vibrational symbols that are vibrationally representative of the thoughts/vibrations that are active within your consciousness.

Every night you "go to sleep" and believe that you are dreaming dreams that are all "in your head." The same psychological structure that makes up your dreams is also the same one that makes up your world or your "waking" dream. This is why attending to your psyche/spirit is absolutely the most important thing to do.

Forgiveness is an illusion that acts to help you let go of all that you would not want to create for yourself in terms of experience. This is done by shifting your focus of thoughts/vibrations away from the vibrations/thoughts that you don't prefer, and towards the vibrations/thoughts that you do truly prefer.

Whatever vibrations you have truly forgiven can not be active within your psyche. Your manifestation of the worlds (whirls) that you create are perceived when there has been enough vibrational momentum accumulated. At every moment in the illusion of time/space, you are accumulating momentum that will eventually manifest a representative space/time.

The art of "jumping timelines" is really about changing your point of attraction by accumulating just enough vibrational momentum towards the direction of what you truly prefer, instead of towards what you don't prefer; this accumulation of intelligent energy will then shift your consciousness to a perception of symbols that are representative of what you prefer.

True forgiveness can not give rise to any form of negative emotions; allowing you to remain in your natural joyful and peaceful state of being. Remaining in this natural loving state of being allows you to shift to a version of your consciousness in which you experience a different version of "the" world.

Everything in your world is representative of either the unforgiving or forgiving nature of your heart. You decide what is or isn't in your world by choosing forgiveness or condemnation. To forgive is to overlook, and to see only loveliness in all things.

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I Am Ra // Forgiveness