You Are The Universe

The definition of catalyst is an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. All that you experience is catalyst for the soul, or, catalyst for the mind/body/spirit complex that you are. Your life experience can be used to provoke or speed up change within your mind complex, your body complex, or your spirit complex; allowing your soul to "know" or experience itself.

The goal, for a positive being is to remain emotionally unswayed by all experiential catalyst. If the catalyst of the experience is properly used, a being will only respond with love; acceptance, appreciation, forgiveness, peace, and joy. Any catalyst that stimulates negative emotion within a being, is catalyst that is still being used by that being.

The practice of perceiving the catalyst of experience, then observing the one's emotional state, then discovering the antithesis of these emotions, and then focusing solely on that which would bring one peace, is that practice which may require much practice depending upon the being who is practicing; this is the practice of a being seeking unity with All-That-Is.

The idea is that catalyst that is not properly used by the mind is given to the body so that the mind may become more aware of that which it has yet to use. The idea also is that consciously, and unconsciously, your soul, or, mind/body/spirit complex, is programming all of your experiential catalyst along with your higher self (i.e., oversoul).

Catalyst change form, but the content of them are always the same. The content is always fear, the form maybe it expressing itself in an infinite amount of ways. If catalyst is not paid attention to, the soul may choose to "make it louder" so that it can get its own attention. Therefore, if you seek to change what "life" is giving you, then change how you respond to all experiential catalyst.