About Our Institute

Founded By Sabalie

The Lovearian Institute of Peace (LIOP) is an institute founded near the end of 2019 by Sabalie; comprised of humble messengers of The Law of One, and of Lovearianism. LIOP teaches about the total perfection of Infinity, and its apparent distortions via illusionary metaphysical information.

To study the illusion, or to study metaphysics, or physics, will never actually bring a correction of perception that is more in alignment with the true nature of being (i.e., The Law of One). The study of metaphysics, and physics, only helps one get ready for the realization of the perfect oneness of All-That-Is.

In order to correct distortions, one must remove all faith from them. However, we have found that in times of self-doubt, when one begins to doubt that all is one, one can restore faith that all is one via the proper study of metaphysics/spirituality. This is why the Lovearian Institute of Peace chooses to teach metaphysics.

The Lovearian Institute of Peace (LIOP) is in no way shape or form, a master of our teachings, as we are still learning a lot of it ourselves. Our main desire is to teach The Law of One, but our passion is also to learn/teach metaphysics/spirituality and then teach/learn it to "others" who desire to learn/teach it so that we can also learn/teach it more.